Terms + Conditions

These are the terms and conditions when working with Offbeat Press, LLC. All client orders will follow these policies unless other contracts supersede these policies.




Minimum screen print order is 12qty per design for plastisol inks and 24qty per design for water-based inks. Please refer to Contract Printing for contract printing minimums.



All estimates are good for 30 days and subject to availability and garment consistent wholesale pricing.



Standard turnaround time is 10-12 business days from the time client submits full order details, approves client proof and payment is finalized. Shipping or delivery time to the client is not included in standard turnaround time and should be taken into consideration by the client. Any delays of more than 24 hours in receiving proof approval, client payment or final size breakdowns may delay an order or incur additional fees if you have a specific completion deadline.

All projects with specific client completion deadline or an “In-Hands Date” should be provided to Offbeat Press staff at the onset of each new project. Offbeat Press is not skilled in mind-reading and cannot guarantee the completion of your order by your deadline if that deadline is not communicated with us with your order. When client’s have a specific completion deadline, we will do everything in our power to assure your receive your order on or by your deadline date. We take pride in being an incredibly reliable + dependable print shop and we are skilled at assuring your garments are completed by the time and date you need them and shipped where you need them.

Any change to an order deadline submitted after the project approval may incur additional costs or rush charges in order to meet the new deadline. Additional fees may include expedited shipping fees or rush charges.

Offbeat Press is not responsible for missing deadlines due to weather conditions, power supply interruptions, vendor shortages and errors, shipping errors, or any mysterious acts of the Universe. If we expect or foresee any problems in advance, we will notify you and work with you to rectify those issues as quickly as possible.

Some services may take additional completion time, including embroidery, artwork and screen-printed posters. Standard turnaround time is subject to change based on current production schedules and product availability.



Offbeat Press accepts the following payment options: Cash, Business check, money order cashier’s check, Paypal, Credit Card (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover) and Venmo. All PayPal and credit card purchases are subject to an additional processing fee of 3.5% to recover the associated costs or payment processing.

All client projects must be paid when order is placed, unless otherwise pre-approved. Any delay in payment of more than 24 hours may cause a change in order completion or incur rush fees to meet client’s deadline. Payment is due when digital proof is approved.

Net Terms: Net terms are only available to select, pre-approved clients, with a credit card stored in our cc processing file. Orders with net terms should be paid by cash, business check or money order. Any net terms paid by Paypal or credit card are subject to the additional processing fee listed above.

All unpaid invoices are subject to interest of 1.5%, compounded monthly. There will be a $50 charge for all returned checks.



Client projects are not available for cancellation after order production has begun. We offer no refunds after the design creative process or the print production process has been initiated. Cancellations prior to the initiation of the design process or print production process will incur a 25% restocking/cancellation fee + all applicable shipping charges to return garments. All design and pre-press charges are billed at regular price of $75/hr for cancelled orders.



All artwork is preferred in vector format at full size as Adobe Illustrator or Illustrator pdf files with all fonts outlined. Raster graphics must be created at full size and at 300 dpi or higher. All multi-color raster graphics should also be layered with each print color on a separate layer. We accept the following hi-resolution file formats: eps, ai, svg, pdf, psd, and tiff. High-resolution jpgs can be used as a last resort for 1-color images. Vector files and color-separated artwork is strongly encouraged. All fonts must be converted to outlines or the font file(s) must be included with artwork. If you have questions regarding the print readiness of your artwork, please contact your graphic designer or our art department. Please do not send any Microsoft files for printing. There are no Microsoft programs that allow users to create hi-resolution graphics for professional printing.

If client submits artwork as low-resolution graphics, it may be subject to design charges necessary to re-create the artwork as a print-ready graphic. When artwork is not in print-ready format, please choose from the following options:

1. Please update client artwork so that the print order is not delayed. 15 minutes of design updates are free of charge and additional updates are billed at our discounted apparel design rate of $50/hr. If more than 2 hours of design is needed, Offbeat Press will hold the design work for additional approval.

2. Please hold client order and discuss the revisions with the client. Client understands this will probably delay their print order and the client accepts that delay. The new turnaround time begins the next business day from when the new art proof is approved. If the client has a hard deadline for their print order, additional rush fees may be necessary to meet the rushed deadline.

For full Art Guideline details please see our website

Customer supplied Artwork + Revisions are billed at $50/hr for all projects that couple an apparel printing order or $75/hr for all design projects that are not combined with an apparel printing order.



Offbeat Press offers 3 distinct ink options for printing. Each option has advantages and disadvantages as well as somewhat subtle differences. Please read below and let us know your preference for printing your client projects when placing your order. If you do not choose an ink preference Offbeat Press will use the ink option that we think will work best on your garment, given your project details.


Offbeat Press is a leader in eco-friendly + soft water-based screen printing and opened as the first water-based screen printing company in the Midwest back in 2008. Currently we print about 70% of our orders with eco-friendly water-based + discharge inks. By choosing to print with water-based + discharge inks, the client understands that prints will be softer and colors may be more natural, less vibrant and different fabric dyes and brands will react differently to the inks.

Water-based + discharge printing is screen printing + chemistry where the inks soak into the garment, neutralize the shirt dye and leave the pigment behind. The final ink color is only visible minutes after printing and heat curing, when the discharge process is completed. The exact ink color will vary on different garment dyes and different brands. The above stated variances are normal and accepted for all water-based ink orders.

Water-based inks are designed for printing on 100% cotton fabrics, but can work with water-based inks on other fabric blends. When printing water-based inks on blends, the ink colors will not be as vibrant, leaving behind a vintage style print or possibly a print that is very subtle. While our office staff is knowledgeable about the suggested use of inks on various fabric blends, garment dyes and more, the client has final approval on the ink choice and the client takes responsibility for approving ink choices.


Offbeat Press mixes water-based inks to uncoated Pantone colors. If a client wants to match a particular color with water-based inks, the color match must be provided as a Pantone Solid Uncoated and garment ink tests should be ordered and approved. We cannot guarantee exact color hues, water-based inks are subject to vary by 1-3 shades.

Water-based screen printing inks are designed to print on 100% cotton, natural fibers. Any synthetic material in the fabric (polyester, rayon, nylon, etc) is not absorbent and will weaken the print quality. Printing water-based inks on fabric blends does work, however ink colors will vary. Offbeat Press does not take responsibility for color variances due to printing water-based inks on fabrics that are not designed for water-based inks.


Plastisol inks are the industry standard and lay on top of garments to cover garments. They are versatile and can work to varying degrees on nearly all fabrics. Plastisol inks are ideal for printing vibrant prints, but can be used in different ways. To achieve vibrant ink colors on dark and specialty fabrics with plastisol inks, it is usually necessary to use an underbase print of white ink and then print the bright color on the white ink. For example when printing a bright yellow ink on a black shirt with plastisol inks, this is a 2-color print: (1) White underbase + (2) Yellow overprint.


Vintage printing with plastisol inks is used to achieve a more subtle ink color print. To achieve a vintage print, we remove the white underbase print from the equation and only print a single coat of the final ink color on the garment. For example, when printing a yellow ink on a black shirt a vintage print is a 1-color print and the end result will be more of a natural or “faded” print. Vintage plastisol inks are not recommended when choosing to match a specific pantone.

Specialty plastisol inks are designed for specific fabrics and ink additives are necessary for different fabric blends including polyester, nylon, spandex and more. These inks in addition to metallic inks, glow in the dark and other specialty inks have an additional specialty ink cost.

Offbeat Press mixes plastisol inks and vintage plastisol to Coated Pantone colors. If a client wants to match a particular color with plastisol inks, the color match must be provided in Pantone Solid Coated and garment ink tests should be ordered and approved. Plastisol ink colors may vary slightly from Pantone color. Vintage plastisol prints are not recommended when trying to achieve a specific Pantone color.




It is fairly common that popular garment styles and colors will go out of stock and be unavailable in this industry. When that happens, please let us know your preference from the following options.

1. Client understands that garment availability fluctuates and client trusts that Offbeat Press will find a comparable garment style and color at a similar price when garment substitutions are necessary. In giving Offbeat Press the ability to find a comparable garment style, client trusts Offbeat Press is resourceful and will do everything in their power to provide client with the best garment quality without delay. Client understands the exact fabric content, color and brand may vary from the original order. Any price increase of more than $.25/garment will need to be approved by the client unless an order deadline is in jeopardy.

2. Client requests that any garment availability and substitution issues be addressed and approved by the client. By denying Offbeat Press the ability to substitute garments, client understands that production delays are likely and deadlines may be missed. Client takes all responsibility for delays and increased turnaround time. If the clien t has a deadline, client understands rush charges and/or expedited shipping may be necessary to meet the necessary deadline.



Orders with a hard deadline sooner than our standard turnaround time may be subject to rush fees. Rush fees are a percentage of the overall order and added to the overall order. Rush order timelines are based on current production and do not include shipping time. Rush orders from specialty suppliers may require additional costs for expedited shipping from the supplier to Offbeat Press in addition to rush fees.

SAME DAY = 200%
NEXT DAY = 100%
2 DAYS = 75%
3-4 DAYS = 50%
5-7 DAYS = 30%
8-9 DAYS =15%
We avoid rush charges whenever possible but sometimes they are unavoidable. Rush orders are billed as necessary based on current production schedule. Each day is considered complete at 3pm because of garment ordering cutoff times.



We do not charge for misprinted or flawed garments. When flaws are discovered prior to printing, we will do our best to replace garments in advance. If flaws are discovered after delivery, they should be brought to our attention immediately. All flaws must be identified within 2 weeks of delivery and must be unworn and unwashed. Garment flaws, misprints and defects are subject to approval by Offbeat Press management and should be returned to Offbeat Press for proper credit or order adjustment.



Screen printing is an industrial art reproduction process where each garment is printed individually. Custom printing can have it’s challenges, especially when it comes to specialty inks, specialty fabrics and specialty garments. Mistakes can happen on any order, including misprints, shirts with holes or stains or shipping and receiving errors. We do our best to ensure all orders are delivered in full as ordered but we have a reasonable allowance for error of plus or minus 5% for all standard orders.

Subtle difference between each printed shirt is part of the brilliance of the individuality of screen-printing. Acceptable Error Allowance is the higher of the following:

Standard inks and Standard Garments = 3 garments or 5% of the original order
*Water-based inks or Specialty Garments = 5 shirts or 8%
Unconventional print locations = 10 shirts or 10%

We do not charge for misprinted or flawed garments and any previously paid for garments damaged during printing are credited to the client account upon order completion. Your final order size could increase or decrease by 5% of the original order for standard inks and garments. The piece price will not change and the garment cost will continue to be invoiced at the original order price tier.

If a client is in need of an exact number of shirts, we strongly recommend the client order a few extra, particularly in the case of an order printed with water-based inks, specialty garments, and unconventional print locations. When a client requests an exact quantity we will do our best, but substituted garments may be necessary. See the Garment Substitution Policy for more information. In the event of an under run greater than our Under/Over Allowance, we will reprint the remaining garment quantity.* Reprints are unavailable for contract printing. *Due to the nature of screen printing with water-based inks, we cannot reprint flaws for original orders of less than 144qty per design.

Final credits will be issued after printing is completed, to reflect the total quantity delivered. The total quantity will be within our Under/Over Production Allowance. The piece price will not change from the original order price.



Offbeat Press is not responsible for garment defects, including discrepancies in size, color, fit, fabric, feel, or construction. We will work with our suppliers and manufacturers to resolve any manufacturing defects and issue appropriate credits or replacements. When this issue occurs, garments should remain unworn and unwashed so we can address and resolve this situation. Offbeat Press will work with our suppliers to resolve such issue and we will need in depth garment information from our client in order to resolve such issues. Resolutions are determined by our garment supplier and we will do our best to expedite such resolutions and provide credits or reprints as necessary.

As Offbeat Press is not responsible for manufacturing defects, we cannot guarantee replacement or credit when such issues arise. We will address each issue individually but any reprints are considered reorders by Offbeat Press and will incur additional fees.



Standard shipping is done by UPS ground for most domestic orders or USPS for small orders and international orders. We will also use freight lines when appropriate for larger orders or deliver when appropriate. Offbeat Press is not responsible for any garments lost, damaged, delayed or lost by our shipping vendors. While that is incredibly rare acts of the universe are outside our control but we will do everything in our power to notify the client and rectify the situation.



All artwork, illustrations, & graphic designs created by Offbeat Press are the sole property of Offbeat Press, unless a signed agreement states otherwise. When hiring Offbeat Press creative office or Hype Visual, the client is paying an hourly fee for labor, that fee does not include ownership or rights to the artwork. Offbeat Press artwork is available for ownership purchase for an additional cost.

All artwork supplied to Offbeat Press, not created by Offbeat Press is owned by the artwork creator or rightful owner. Offbeat Press takes no ownership rights of client supplied artwork and will not reproduce client artwork, regardless of trademark, without the rightful owner’s consent.

The client takes full responsibility for the creation, originality, licensing, royalties and all permissions of all elements of the artwork and agrees to relieve Offbeat Press, LLC from all possible liabilities in connection with the printing or reproduction of client’s artwork and apparel.



Offbeat Press may post social media photos of our process and printed orders that includes client artwork and printed goods. Whenever possible we tag clients on social media to share the social love and promote our clients. However some clients prefer secrecy in their projects, to opt-out please get in touch with Offbeat Press.


By working with Offbeat Press client agree to the above Terms + Conditions. The above Terms + Conditions are the working policies of Offbeat Press, LLC. Offbeat Press has the ability to update the policies at any time and the new policies will supersede these policies.