Offbeat Press is both an apparel screen-printing shop and creative design office, strategically working in many areas of marketing and with other marketing departments and advertising companies. We work with customers on a large variety of creative design projects with a special emphasis within apparel graphic design.

Owner, Drew comes from a background in conceptual graphic design, professional experience working at ad agencies and design firms, and 4 years working as a freelance designer before evolving and opening Offbeat Press in his late 20s. Drew began designing apparel graphics in college and started creating his own independent clothing line -PROGRESS Label – shortly after college. As PROGRESS grew and Drew’s freelance work expanded, he was hired to design for bands, businesses, non-profits, and other clothing companies before opening the doors to Offbeat Press. Offbeat Press has evolved in those 4 years and has absorbed the design office that used to reside within the business infrastructure of PROGRESS media.

Our creative design office, aka HYPE Visual can bring ideas to life, but there are a number of things to keep in mind if you’re considering hiring our creative design office for your apparel graphics:

Copyright Laws
We follow all copyright laws and we will not copy other artist’s work. If you have an original idea for custom artwork, we’re happy to help. If you’re looking for us to design and print your favorite band’s artwork for you to sell at their concert, we respectfully ask you to have a nice life.

Design Time and Costs
Custom-designed artwork takes time! Our creative staff isn’t hanging out drinking beers, playing ping pong and waiting for the phone to ring. We always have a variety of projects we’re working on, so if you need your order in a jiffy, we might be limited on the available time to create custom-designed artwork. We bill artwork at $50-$75/hr based on the extent of your project and we charge rush fees for rushed artwork. Please be sure you build in additional time and costs within your budget.

Creative Design Styles
There is infinite creative design styles and infinite possible graphic solutions. While we have specific graphic design styles that we prefer, we understand that our customers are unique and our favorite styles don’t make sense for everybody.  For that reason, we prefer to work closely with our customer’s marketing staff to understand the needs of our customers and determine which design styles and creative techniques make sense for you and your budget.

If you have something very specific in mind for your artwork we need you to clearly communicate the details! Please put together all the design information in one clear and concise email, including visual styles, graphics, your logo, and preferred design colors. The more organized and clear you are, the better we’ll understand your design preferences and the more focused and detailed artwork we can create. Design is communication, if you can clearly communicate your ideas with us, we’ll be more likely to create the visual communication you’re looking for, and save our time and your money in the process!

Our Design Experience
We have thorough knowledge of apparel graphic design, illustration and the screen printing process. We have learned from our mistakes and we continue to push the limits of the screen print process. We know there are many design styles and effects that don’t easily translate to screen printing, some styles that are ideal for screen printing and other styles that can be adapted to work in specific situations. Drew alone has over 10 years of creative design, illustration and apparel graphics experience and you can’t find that type of industry specific experience just anywhere. Our custom apparel design is one area that clearly separates us from our competitors, we know the opportunities, we know the limitations and we know that every budget and every idea lends itself to different graphic elements, creative styles and design processes. When you combine our artistic skills and knowledge with our custom-print locations and hand-printed screen printing quality, we really are a unique company.

Marketing and Design
Good Design does not equal Good Marketing. While design is a good portion of what we do, we also know that marketing plays an important role in our creative design process. The way in which your customers, viewers, or employees relate to your apparel graphics should not be ignored. We want to know the details of your plans for your printed apparel order. Is this order part of a larger marketing campaign? Are you selling the printed garments? Who will be wearing them and how will they procure them? Many people don’t consider these details and others but good ideas + good design = great marketing. This might sound complicated, but it doesn’t have to be, this is part of what we do and how we think. We’re far more than just a screen printing company; maybe we can help your business marketing far beyond this garment order.