Ink Colors

Choosing ink colors is important to your successful project. Even an awesome design will suffer from a poor ink color combination. While there’s no magic formula, here are a few things to keep in mind.
1. Contrast – If you are looking for a bold design with high-visibility, be sure to choose ink colors that have a good amount of contrast. High contrast ink color combinations include: White & Red, White & Black, Yellow & Black, Yellow & Forest, and many others. The key with creating high contrast is choosing a light color with a medium to dark color or black.

2. Tone – Achieving proper color tone is very important, especially with high details. To understand tone, think of the greyscale equivalent to your shirt and ink colors. Medium tones such as kelly green, flag red, mid grey and royal blue, don’t usually work well together because tonally they are on the same level. The same can be said for light color tones together and dark color tones together. To achieve a good tonal range use a combination of light, mid-tone, and dark colors in your design.

3. Cost – We have a nice array of stock ink colors for both conventional and water-based inks. These inks are always available without any ink color mixing charges. Other colors that we don’t have available may require a $15 specialty color mixing fee, however we waive custom color mixing fees for orders of 72 qty and higher.

For custom pantone colors we suggest referencing a professional pantone book. If you do not have access to a professional pantone book, here’s an online pantone reference chart. The online pantone reference chart is not a perfect color match as all digital and web colors are prone to RGB color and screen variation.

Please use this resource for choosing ink colors when creating t-shirt designs and placing shirt orders. Below is a comprehensive list of all conventional (plastisol) and water-based inks that we keep in stock and available. All of these ink colors are in stock and available for use without additional costs.Water-based inks



If you’re looking for a specific ink color that’s not on this list we can still help. Custom ink colors are available for all printing orders for a $15 color mix fee of for orders of less than 72 qty and FREE for all orders over 72 qty.. If you’re looking for a specific ink color, please provide us with the Coated Pantone (PMS) # and we can mix the color accordingly. If you do not have access to a professional pantone book (coated for plastisol ink & uncoated for water-based inks), you may reference this online pantone color chart. Please note that screen printing inks are not designed for pantone mixing so our margin of error on mixing pantone colors may vary by a shade or 2.