Free Screen Charges

We happily offer FREE screen charges for the majority of apparel print orders at Offbeat Press. When you place an order at our minimum price tier of 12-23 garments per design, customers receive 2 FREE screen setups. When you place a print order with 24-48 qty, we give customers 4 FREE screen setups. With orders of 48-71 garments per design, we provide customers with 6 FREE screen setups and ALL orders of 72+ pieces per design get unlimited FREE screen setups.

It doesn’t matter if you’re order involves printing all 4-colors in one location or 4 separate locations with 1-color per location, all that matters is the total number of screens involved in your order. One screen is defined as each color in each print location. For example, if you have two colors on the front, two colors on the back, that’s four screens (2+2 = 4)!

If you order below our minimum quantity to qualify for FREE screens, the cost per screen is $20 per screen. Screen charges are very typical in the screen printing industry,  many of our largest competitors charge up to  $50 per screen and also have art separation charges, film charges and other hidden fees. We believe adding all those hidden fees is a shady way of doing business and makes ordering shirts complicated and messy. For this reason, we’ve limited or eliminated most of those fees to give you a fair and straightforward price.

Screen printing, FREE Screen charges on the Exposure Unit
Screens on the exposure unit, ready to burn.

Of course we need to charge for our good work. While the majority of client orders have no screen charges or additional fees, sometimes those fees are necessary for specialty orders, inks and those that require extra time, attention or materials. For example if a customer makes any artwork changes after their artwork has been approved, separated and prepped in our pre-press, there is a $20 charge for each screen that requires re-burning. Each screen is determined using the same method as above. Shoot us an email about your project details to see if you qualify for FREE screen charges.

Each apparel print design is considered an independent order and your FREE screen charges are applied based on each order. FREE screens can not be “banked” for use on future orders, traded, saved or applied to other orders.