Custom Screen Printing

We have both 2 manual presses and 1 automatic press, giving us great versatility to find the best solution for your print project. We’re able to customize our print locations and even experiment on new locations and techniques. As artists we work to creatively maximize the printable area while most of our competitors don’t want to – or don’t know how to utilize 75% of the printable space. Not only do we offer custom print locations, but we do so with limited additional costs.

Whether you are looking for basic t-shirt printing or more custom apparel printing, we offer print locations including: fronts, backs, sides, arms, pockets, collars, hips, sleeves, shoulders, hoods, butts, armpits, feet, dogs, across zippers, or even off the edge of shirts, we can help you out and we have experience. Chances are you’ll have a hard time coming up with a print location we haven’t put some ink on. Each garment is unique and comes with its own opportunities and limitations; contact us to see how we can help with your order!

Though we’re pros at printing custom apparel orders, that doesn’t mean that every garment will be identical. Customers should plan their artwork accordingly and accept that minor discrepancies are sometimes part of the uniqueness of custom screen printing locations. For example, when we print over seams, each garment seam is going to lay on our print boards slightly different, meaning each one may have a slightly different texture or inkwell.

Get fashion soft finish and touch the difference on your screen printing order. Fashion Soft Finish allows our conventional inks to feel very soft and smooth. We take an extra step after printing and curing your shirt order to simultaneously apply pressure + heat to the garment. The result is a very soft ink that many people are requesting. The ink layers are actually condensed and softened with heat, leaving all the printed details, a soft hand, more ink flexibility, and more comfort for you. Head over to the Fashion Soft Finish page for more info.

We are happy to offer FREE screen charges for the majority of apparel and t-shirt printing orders that come through the door here at Offbeat Press. Our standard minimum order is only 12 garments per design! When you place an order with 12-24 garments, you will get up 2 FREE screen setups. When you place a screen print order with 24-47 pieces you get 4 FREE screen setups with 48-71 garments you get 6 FREE screen setups and with 72+ you get unlimited FREE screens. One screen is defined as each color in each print location. For example, if you have two colors on the front, two colors on the back, that’s four screens (2+2 = 4)! Head over here for more info on FREE Screen Charges.

Our standard turnaround time is 10-15 business days per garment order. During the majority of Spring, Summer and Fall, standard turnaround time is usually 12-15 business days. That period of time begins the day we receive approval on Offbeat-supplied artwork proofs, final garment quantities, and payment. Any additional garments added at a later date may extend turnaround time. Standard turnaround time may also be extended on rare occasion depending on workflow at Offbeat Press, if that happens we will let you know!

If you need your garments for a particular date, please tell us when you place your order as we are not trained in reading your mind and we need to plan our print schedule accordingly. We will do everything we can to accommodate your deadline without a rush charge. However, in some cases we may require a rush fee if overtime is needed to meet your deadline. Revising your deadline after an order has been placed may also result in rush charges.

If you have an order that needs our immediate attention, we encourage you to give us a call right now so we can figure out the details. Rush orders are defined as any order that requires less than 10 business day turnaround time, however that doesn’t necessarily mean that your order will incur Rush charges. Rush charges are applied when necessary to expedite your order, pay for immediate work, overtime, etc. Rush charges apply to all printing and artwork totals on your invoice. All rush orders from our specialty suppliers may also be subject to additional charges equal to the expedited shipping applied to the apparel blanks. As we offer over 5,000 different garment styles in various apparel colors and sizes, we do not stock blank garments. All garments are ordered specific for our customer’s needs, however we sometimes have some options available if you need an order with a very quick turnaround time.

If we’re shipping your order – we need to know where to send it! Shipping is not included in our standard Turnaround Time; all standard shipments go out UPS Ground, please plan accordingly or make other arrangements. If we know you have a deadline and know that we’re shipping your order, we’ll plan accordingly and get your order to you in time.

There is truly no low or high limit to the number of garments we can print for an order. Considering the amount of setup time involved in the screen printing process, it is designed for printing multiples. This means ordering a single garment is never the most affordable option.

Although we will print a single garment if our customers request, we consider 12 pieces to be our standard minimum order for plastisol (conventional) ink, and 48 is our standard minimum for eco-friendly water-based ink. All orders of less than minimum quantity are considered sample printing and have setup screen charges associated with their order. While we have low minimums we also have quantity discounts at 24, 48, 72, 144, 288, and 500, 1000, 2500, and 5000+ pieces. Because we work with thousands of apparel styles and a boatload of custom apparel printing options, we don’t have a simple price sheet, please contact us for a custom quote.

We are capable of printing fairly large images, although we are limited by a few variables. The smallest garment in your print run will always dictate the maximum size we are able to print on that specific order. Any order containing both youth and adult sizes will have limits to the printable size, depending on the youth garment sizes. Additionally, if you’re ordering any type of specialty garments that may have unique features then we may need to alter the image size to avoid any unprintable areas. Additionally we’re limited by the size of the print pallets that your garments will get loaded onto for printing. We have various sized and shaped pallets specific for different types of garment printing and different print locations. Each print pallet has different dimensions and different variables.

While we do have standard print sizes for standard print locations, we are also able to creatively combine print locations to resemble much larger printing, including wrap printing. Our standard print sizes are usually dictated by the width of the artwork, considering most conventional artwork is horizontal.
Here are some standard sizes based on a conventional order of basic shirts:

Island Surf and Sale Brant Beach New JerseyStandard Adult Full Front Print = 11” wide
Standard Adult Full Back Print = 11” wide
Standard Adult Secondary Back Print = 8” wide
Standard Adult Side Print = 10” wide
Standard Left Chest Print = 3.5” wide
Standard T-shirt Sleeve Print = 3” wide
Standard Adult Long Sleeve Print = 2” tall or 8” wide
Standard Youth Full Front Print = 9” wide
Standard Youth Full Back Print = 9” wide
Standard Youth Secondary Back Print = 7” wide
Standard Youth Side Print = 8” wide
Standard Toddler Full Front Print = 6” wide
Standard Infant Full Front Print = 6” wide
Maximum Oversized Adult Print = 14.5” wide  x 17.5” tall*
*Not all garments are designed to be printed with oversized prints

Our apparel printing equipment consists of an 8-color, 10-station M&R auto press that’s fit with 2 infrared flash units and a professional conveyor belt M&R gas dryer. Our manual equipment includes two different 6-color manual screen-printing presses. We have two high-efficiency infrared dryers that require less space and energy than conventional garment dryers while maintaining a high standard of performance. We also have two flash units, the largest with a flash space measuring 17”x23”, allowing us to print large and oversize images comfortably. Between these three groups of production equipment we can print an array of garments to serve almost every need.