Fashion Soft Finish

Offbeat Press is happy to release a new service we call Fashion Soft Finish!
Fashion Soft Finish allows conventional screen printing inks to feel soft and smooth to the touch.

You know we take quality seriously, and we are now offering a new level of quality. Offbeat Press is happy to offer a new service we call Fashion Soft Finish. You know how a t-shirt printed with conventional plastisol ink has a heavier texture, or “hand,” than premium water-based ink printing? Have you ever wondered if there was a way to avoid that heavy texture without paying for premium inks or sacrificing print quality? Wonder no more, dear friends!

Fashion Soft Finish is a new option that can be added to the production process on your existing Offbeat order to reduce the feel of the ink on the shirt and also provide greater durability to your print. To achieve this we take an additional step after printing and curing to apply heat + pressure to the garment, resulting in the super soft hand print that many people are looking for. The Fashion Soft Finish is especially great for the light-weight fabrics including ringspun cottons blends and tri-blends.

FashionSoft_Detail and Wisconsin T-shirt Printing by Offbeat Press

The image area of your design must be less than 14”x14”, and printed with conventional plastisol ink. Some garments, such as zip-up hoodies and some other specialty garments, may not be used with our finishing equipment.

Please contact Offbeat Press for more information on Fashion Soft Finish or to place your screen printing order today!