Screen Printed Posters

Modern serigraphy has grown and evolved since the early 1900s. While limited edition, artist prints have always had their niche, screen printed posters have become integrated into popular, indie culture, particularly in the realm of concert posters. The art of serigraphy is indeed screen printing on paper or other fine art surfaces. We’re happy to offer high quality, screen printed posters and art prints alongside our long list of garment printing services. Our screen printed posters are printed with non-toxic, acrylic-based ink and we prefer printing on 100% recycled paper from the family-owned French Paper mill across our Great Pond to the East in Niles, MI. We can print on some other materials including record jackets cd jackets and select other FLAT surfaces. There are very specific file preparation needs for poster printing, please contact us so we can discuss the specifics of your project and ensure your artwork is optimal for screen printed posters or other fine paper printing.

10th Ave Burrito Company Belmar, NJ

18″x24″ 3-Color Poster on 80# Cover, Speckletone True White by French Paper

We offer Screen printed posters in various sizes, though we consider these sizes to be standard based on French Paper sizes:

18×24” Art Prints
12×18” Art Prints

Screen printed posters differs from apparel printing in a number of ways. Each ink color is printed for the full order and each art print is laid to dry before the next color can be printed. Each color takes up to 20 minutes to dry before the next color can be printed. Because the printing process is different, so is the registration, the art preparation and even the file setup. Because each ink color is printed individually on screen printed posters it is a fairly time-consuming and labor intensive project. This also allows for an endless amount of colors to be printed, however we generally take art print orders with no more than 8 colors and most screen printed poster orders have 1 to 3 ink colors.

We designed and our friend hand-crafted a custom, vacuum-sealed table top poster press allowing us to get the best registration possible. But screen printed posters are quite different than any conventional paper printing or apparel printing. The process is more complex with every printed ink color because of the multiple registrations necessary.