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Thankfully, our customers know Offbeat Press for quality across the board, whether it’s our design work, printing, or the garments we’re printing on.

We are often asked for pricing on what folks refer to as quality t-shirts, – but quality is a relative term, so everyone’s idea of “quality” is different. While we may be great at printing, we are really bad at reading minds. We need to know: what is your definition of quality?

We offer a huge variety of apparel styles, many of them with a higher level of quality than the basic brands, but they vary substantially from one to the other.

The idea of quality can be defined by many different criteria, including the fabric, fit, durability, or production process. Our garment selection covers all of these bases and more. From 100% cottons, to soft, tight-woven ring spun cottons. Polyester-cotton blends and tri-blend fabrics to recycled fabrics and organic cotton. We even have synthetic moisture-wicking polyester, also known as performance or dry-wick fabric.

Shirt styles vary a lot, but we’re sticking to t-shirt styles in this post. Each brand has their own take on a quality t-shirt, and the specialty t-shirt styles tend to vary a bit more. We’ll stick to some of the most common & popular t-shirt options today so this post doesn’t spiral into a novelette.

We love that our customers look to us and expect greater quality than our competition. Offbeat Press offers an exceptional array of specialty printing options that reward our customers with creative finished products. This is a one of the primary reasons we earn and keep our customers. Take a moment to look at the following garment options and let us know which style matches your definition of quality and get in touch so we can help you make quality t-shirts for you.

These quality t-shirt options are divided into similar style groups, and priced in descending order from least expensive to most expensive in each of their respective groups.

Basic Light weight T-shirts
Anvil 779
Gildan 5000

Women’s Basic Light weight T-shirts
Gildan 5000L

Basic Heavy weight T-shirts
Gildan 2000

Women’s Basic Heavy weight T-shirts
Gildan 2000L

Ring spun Cotton, Fashion-fit T-shirts
Next Level 3600 – very popular
Canvas 3001– very popular
Anvil 980
Royal 5051P
Alternative 1070

Women’s Ringspun Cotton, Fashion-fit T-shirts
Next Level 3300L– very popular
Bella 6004– very popular
Anvil 880
Alternative 1072

Tri-blend Fashion-fit T-shirts
Next Level 6010– very popular
Canvas 3413

Women’s Tri-blend Fashion-fit T-shirts
Next Level 6710– very popular
Bella 8413

Basic Poly-Cotton T-shirts
Gildan 8000 – basic poly-cotton t-shirt
Bayside 1701 – American-made poly-cotton blend t-shirt

Poly-Cotton Fashion-fit T-shirts
Canvas 3650
American Apparel BB401
Next Level 6210

Women’s Poly-Cotton Fashion-fit T-shirts
American Apparel BB301
Bella 6650
Next Level 6610

American-made Light weight Basic T-shirts
Anvil US779
Bayside 5040

American-made Heavy weight Basic T-shirts
Bayside 5100

Women’s American-made Heavy weight Basic T-shirts
Bayside 3325

American-made Fashion-fit T-shirts
Canvas 3001U
Royal 5051
American Apparel 2001

Women’s American-made Fashion-fit T-shirts
Bella 6004U
Royal 5001
American Apparel 2102

American-made Triblend Fashion-fit T-shirts
American Apparel TR401– very popular
Royal 20051

Women’s American-made Triblend Fashion-fit T-shirts
American Apparel TR301– very popular
Royal 20001

Union-made T-shirts
Bayside 2905
Royal 5051UNN

Organic T-shirts
Anvil 420

Organic + Fashion-fit T-shirts
Anvil 490
Royal 5051orgP

Women’s Organic + Fashion-fit T-shirts
Anvil 428

Organic + Fair-Trade T-shirts
HaeNow Olympian 

Organic + Fair-Trade, Fashion-fit T-shirts
Hae Now Everest

American-made + Organic Fashion-fit T-shirts
Royal 5051org– very popular
American Apparel 2001org

Women’s American-made + Organic Fashion-fit T-shirts
Royal 5001org
American Apparel 2102org

American-made + Organic + Recycled (RPET) American-made Fashion-fit T-shirts
Royal 95051

Other options available upon request!



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